Lets start with basics

controls- slow
playability- lags constantly, especially when you die or about to die.
graphics- MW2 and BC2 graphics

Already to a bad start. But wait, it gets better. In my demo, for some reason, the sniper class, instead of having a scope, it has a red dot site. The snipers take up to 1-2 clips to kill some one.

The knife in this game, looks retarded. I mean, its a joke, you knife someone, and a fuzzy line drops from the top of the screen really fast, wtf? If anything, you clubbed the guy.

You will, honest to God, shoot someone in the chest with an RPG, and they will-not-DIE!

You cannot use a mic, so far. And communication in this game is actually needed. So....sucks.

The character models are a joke, they have to be. Bullet belts on someones chest will be about as good as an N64 games level of detail. It is flat against there body and cricket and messed up looking, and move fluidly with the bodies movement.

1/10, this game is not ready for release. No one in their right mind should buy this garbage.