this is just MW2 with bigger maps and vehicles. Thats all it is.

Every gun is a sniper rifle now. Even shotguns will score a kill acoss the map.
Most weapons are insanely over powered (M60, AN-94, VSS) and others are just flat out used too much.
If you can some how manage to find a good server through the lag, then you may have a decent match.
Other than that, this game is so laggy it gets to the point of unplayability.

Spawn killing and spawn camping is a huge problem, as well.

unlike previous battlefields, tactics are not needed. You can go off by your self and still win. Team balance is awful, well, this whole game seems unbalanced.

I dont understand how people play this anymore. Half the time, you'll end up with a mentally retarded team, that cant do anything but snipe (IE like you normally see out of CoD retards) or just flat out suck.

If on hardcore, you will be teamkilled constantly for getting in vehicles before some one, getting in UAV's before some one, etc. And there are like what, 3 new weapons? 4 maybe?

So its nothing new from, or more of a downgraded version of bad company 1.

And the campaign of BC2 isn't worthe mentioning either (its just linear point A to point B)